Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Off Topic Tuesday

Even though Spring is still officially several weeks away, the weather in Denver today was very spring-like: 61 degrees with a bright shining sun. So, as I was taking Boomer, the wonder pup, out for a nice long walkie, I took a moment to turn my face up towards the sunshine, and noticed something a little curious.
All of the trees around me were bare of leaves (which is not the curious part - it is still winter afterall), except for one. One little limb of one branch of one tree had some straggling survivors clinging to it - left overs from last fall. Sure they were very crunchy and dried out looking. And, yes, they had lost their lush green color. But there they were. Still on their tree branch. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, and at first I almost dismissed it. But as I continued on my walk, I started to tally up in my head all of the snow storms we've had this year so far, not to mention the few wicked wind storms that have made their way through as well. And through all of that, these few little leaves have stayed their ground (or branch if you will). A true testament to the randomness (and sometimes stubborness) of Mother Nature.

I'm rooting for these little leaves to make it all the way till the rest of their leafy buddies come back later on next month. So many tales they will be able to share, including the one about the weird girl taking their picture while her doggie tinkled on their trunk.