Thursday, February 28, 2008

My, What Lovely Eye(let)s You Have....

So, as I continue working on my green circular knitting project thing-a-ma-bob, I learned something about myself. I don't believe everything I read. This could be considered a good thing in most areas of life - especially since I love love love reading trashy magazines and juicy tid-bits online, but it would appear my distrust has eked over into other areas of reading. Case in point - knitting patterns. It's kind of amusing, really, since I'm still such a beginner that I really wouldn't know something was wrong with a pattern until I was done knitting it, and even then, who knows. But as I got to the part of my pattern that called for some decreasing and eyelets, I began to get dubious.

I made my first yarn over eyelet, then the next two decreases - as per the pattern. I made one more repeat - yarn over eyelet, two decreases - then held my work up for inspection. Aha!! Just as I suspected - I saw neither eyelets OR decreases in what I had just knit. Sure my stitch count had changed, but that didn't prove anything (I also seem to have an uncanny ability to dismiss proof). I re-read the pattern again, and again....and again. Nope, didn't miss a thing. "Okay Pattern", I thought to myself, "We'll try this your way. Then we'll see who's right!". So I finished the round of repeats, then knit up two more rows after that. Well, what do you know? Eyelets and decreases - exactly where they're supposed to be! How clever!

Okay Pattern, you win this round, but I'll be keeping my eyes on you! And I'll try to keep my Instant Gratification expectations and mistrustful nature in check!