Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Off Topic Tuesday

Growing up, our family didn't have a ton of traditions, but rather just a few kind of special and sort of weird ones. One of the more silly ones came from my Nana. Now, I know she didn't make this one up, but I'm really not sure where it originates. I've heard other variations of it, but here's ours:
On the first day of each month, we would wake up, and before we set foot on the ground, we would jump off the end of our bed and yell "Rabbit Rabbit" while in the air, before we landed. If we were successful in doing so, good luck would be with us for the rest of the month!
Obviously giving us any kind of permission to jump off a bed when we were kids was awesome, so I pretty much loved the first of every month.
As a kid, I almost never missed a month, but as I got older, I forgot more often. Now, that I'm an adult, I almost never remember.

Usually, Boomer wakes me up nice and early for his morning business, so early sometimes, that I'm lucky to remember to put my glasses on much less what date it is. But, for some reason, I remembered this morning. I thought to myself "Hey Self, we sure could use some good luck, and what do you know? It's the first!" So I crawled to the end of my bed, glanced over at Boomer who was looking at me with the most puzzled look on his face, and jumped!
In my most happy-to-be-awake voice, I yelled out "Rabbit Rabbit", which scared the beejezus out of poor little Boomer, and he ran towards me - or should I say towards where I was about to land. Eeeek! I tried to readjust myself midair so as not to squish the little fluff ball, and, needless to say, did not nail my landing. It was, at best, a 1.2- and that's only if the Russian judge is being nice!
Oh well, I have ensured myself a whole month of good luck, despite the fact that it started off with a freaked out doggie and a sore bottom.