Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pink Is For Babies - Not Boomer!

I recently came across a great pattern for a new quickie type of project for a friend's baby. Rather than go out and spend way too much on some new yarn, I hit my stash. I was actually surprised to find a bright Spring-y color hiding in there. I usually tend to veer towards darker colors, but peeking out, in the middle of all my dark blues, greens and purples, were two balls of pink goodness. Too perfect for a Springtime baby garment (if that baby is a girl, of course).
So, I cast on with my always dependable Sugar N' Cream cotton yarn in Hot Pink, and off I went.
This will eventually be a wee little sundress, but right now, it's two panels of a smocked stitch for the front and back. This was a very fumbly stitch to figure out and work, but I really like how it turned out. All that's left for this sassy little ensemble is to join the 2 pieces together on a circular and then knit about 8 inches in Stockinette, some cute little eyelet details at the bottom, then voila!

As I was taking these pictures of my smocked panels, Boomer was sitting within inches, supervising the photo shoot. I thought he may like to pose with a piece of the yarn-goodness. But alas, he was quick to remind me that boys don't do pink - much less pink sundresses. I had to remind him that he was very manly, so manly, in fact, that while not many Maltese boys could pull off posing with girlie stuff, he most definitely could!

He didn't completely buy it, but at least he put his snarly face away. Just wait till he finds out I'm making him a smocked sundress in yellow! Tee-hee!