Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boomer in ToyLand

It was recently brought to my attention that it's been a while since we've had a post entirely dedicated to the wonderful little fluff-ball that is Boomer.

So, in response to public demand, this one is all about Boomer. My Little Boomie is a deep and complex little doggie, with many sides and many moods. It was hard to decide which of these complexities to feature in today's entry, so I decided on his playful nature.

When I first told Boomie that I would (finally) be posting about him, he was modestly flattered.

Once the flattery wore off, he went right to work picking out his favorite shots of himself and his favorite toys (just a warning, there were many photos to choose from - heavy pic post ahead)!

Sometime, Boomie can't be bothered to go and track down a soft little squeekable, and will just make do with whatever is closest! Clever doggie!

And of course when a doggie plays this hard, he sleeps hard, too! Nightie night!