Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cheap 'n Easy

When I first started knitting, I was hesitant to purchase really expensive yarns, due to the many boo-boos that I created. (I'm still not sure how I managed to knit a fuzzy and frayed donut that one time, but, somehow, I did.)

It was in these early weeks of knitting that I discovered the very inexpensive, oh-so-easy-to-knit-with, Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn. Let me just say, I love this stuff! Let me count the ways:
  1. Cheap, cheap, cheap!
  2. Nice soft cotton
  3. Machine washable
  4. Many many colors to suit almost any taste
  5. Did I mention: CHEAP?

Now when I say cheap, I mean in price, not in quality!! The only problem was, one-color knitting can be B-O-R-I-N-G. They do have a few variegated colorways, but I still felt limited. Since I wasn't quite ready to invest in some "gourmet" (and pricey) hand painted yarn, I felt the need to learn how to do stripes with my "sack-lunch" yarn. I whipped up a handful of Bibs and Burpee Cloths in the oh-so forgiving cotton yarn, and was quite pleased with the results of my stripes and two-color slip stitch patterns. I've given Bib & Burpee sets to a few different friends (and friends of my sisters), and the color combos seem to be a hit!

Now, my taste in yarn has definitely changed! I could spend hours in my LYS, petting all the yummy yarns, so overwhelmed that all I can get out is an audible "Pretty.." with perhaps a spot of drool on my chin. I will, however, remain faithful to my trusty starter yarn, Sugar 'n Cream! I often reach for a ball of the stuff when I need a super quick project, or just to remind me of how far I've come (or because I have a ton of the stuff lying around - did I mention it was cheap??)!