Friday, March 27, 2009

Weather is Like a Box of Chocolates.... never know what you're going to get!

Case in point - here's what we got in Denver yesterday:

It pretty much snowed all day long, and we ended up getting about 15 inches! Just your average March Blizzard. Anyhoo, the great thing about living in Colorado is, that even though we have loads of snow on the ground, today the sun was out and already melting it away.

In general, Boomie loves the snow (as long as it's not blowing right into his little face), but he does get a little frustrated when he can't find a grassy spot on which to do his "business". So, we went on a search.

None here...

Or here...

Finally, a small patch of grass was located, much to his relief!

"Man, that snow is up past my head! Woof!"

Happy Spring!!!